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The following series of vitiligo-resolving patent drugs are popular as a specific remedy for the treatment of vitiligo made by the Pharmaceutical Center of the Affiliated Hospital at Heilongjiang College of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) with genuine Chinese herbs giving no

side-affects and being available to children. The drugs are only on sale at our institute, beware of imitations.

Vitiligo-Resolving Capsule: for oral taking, to regulate Qi and blood disorder, clear away heat, promote blood circulation, dredge the channel and vessels, support the body health resistant to disease, forbidden to gravid. Approval No. Harbin Drug (external) 95-807

Vitiligo-Resolving Liniment: for external applying, to promote Qi (vital energy), dredge the channel, extinguish wind, resolve dampness, the much applying the better result.  Approval No. Harbin Drug (external) 95-808

Vitiligo-Resolving Lotion: for external applying, to dredge the channels and vessels, activate Qi and blood, and open the hair-orifices, being available to the condition with a long time of suffering the disease and having a large area of the suffered site, and a case being invaded of the terminals of the limbs. Approval No. Harbin Drug (external) 2000-1646.

Vitiligo-Resolving Paste: promote Qi, dredge the channels, extinguish wind, and resolve phlegm. Being a substitutive preparation of the liniment available to a case's suffering part inconvenient to apply the liquid liniment. Approval No. Harbin Drug (external) 2000-1647.

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