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Harbin Hospital of Vitiligo was established by famous Dermatogical specialist Wang Xianchen in May, 1988, which locates in No.120 Da Cheng street, Harbin, China. There were four kinds of Proprietary drugs of "vitiligo-resolving" Series such as "Vitiligo-Resolving Capsule", "Vitiligo-Resolving Liniment", "Vitligo-Resolving Paste"

which have relieved suffering of numerous serious Vitiligo patients. Harbin Hospital of Vitiligo, well-known in medicine domain of China, leads the field in Vitiligo research and therapy in the world.

Wang Xianchen ,born in an old and well-known family of Chinese medicine in 1959,is the president of Harbin Hospital of Vitiligo and commissary of Chinese People’s Political (Louis vuitton christmas sale) Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C.) of Heilongjiang Province, China .After graduation from Heilongjiang Chinese Medical College with excellent performance in 1984,he set up the first special Vitiligo Institution of China in 1988.On the basis of Chinese medicine theory combining modern scientific research technology, he invented and manufactured a series of Proprietary drugs of "vitiligo-resolving" dealing with Vitiligo, which filled the blank of Anti- Vitiligo drug in the world medicine history, brought gospel to patients suffered from critical Vitiligo and questionable dermatogical disease and rescued world-wide numerous Vitiligo sufferers from distress.

A great deal of reputable articles written by President Wang Xianchen has been published in numerous journals such as Great View of Health, Primary Health Care of China, Science and Technology of Chinese Traditional Medicine of China, and some Chinese academic seminar. The article “Briefly Discussion of Clinical Treatment Experiences of Vitiligo with Chinese Traditional Medicine” written in 1994 was published on Chinese Traditional Medicine Academic Seminar of Heilongjiang Province and was granted honor certificate. On May of 1996, President Wang attended International Academic Intercourse Conference of Medicine Achievements held in Los Angeles, US. on invitation as delegate of China. In the conference he communicated academically with worldwide well-known medical specialists; and his article “Clinical Study of Therapy of 3000 Cases of Vitiligo” was reputed extensively. In 1997, the article “Preliminary Analysis of Vitiligo Origin” was recommended to “97 The First International Great Physician Academic Seminar” held in HongKong and was granted the only special grade award that was embodied in Selected Articles of International Great Physician Academic Seminar. In 1999, President Wang attended Asian-Pacific International Academic Intercourse Conference of Difficult Diseases held in Vietnam in which his article Open a New Road for Oneself: Break a New Path for Vitiligo Chinese Traditional Therapy was granted Excellent Paper Certificate. Except his tremendous achievements in medical domain, President Wang Xianchen throws himself into social public welfare project actively. In the decade he derated medicine expense for many patients in deep poverty. On May 1999, he was admitted to Deng Xiaoping Foundation as managing director.


What is the cause of Vitiligo and how to diagnose it?

What hazard does Vitiligo has?

What should be paid attention to for Vitiligo sufferers in daily life?

Why should certain food be avoided for Vitiligo sufferers? What are those avoided food and which kind of food will be helpful to the disease?

Is it real that Vitiligo could be cured? I have suffered from serious Vitiligo for a long time, whether I could be cured?

Will Vitiligo be infectious or inherited to descendants?

How to prevent Vitiligo?

Could Vitiligo sufferers be capable to have food containing abundant Vitamin C?

Is it able to be treated at home with the mailed medicine? How to remit for the medicine and the medicine will be mailed definitely after remittance?

Could children take your medicine?

Is it necessary to be hospitalized if I hope to be treated in your institution? Could you please to provide translator? How much is the total expense?


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