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Patient Zhang has suffered from Vitiligo for seven years. As his growing, the affected area increased gradually that there were many masses of round Vitiligo in his anterior breast and back, even in his both legs. He had ever taken informal prescription which led side-effect to him that the causis and redness were seen in affected part accompanied with ache. On July 18th 2000, the worried parents brought him to see doctor in our hospital. During treatment period, in order to embrocate her son with medicine more intently, the mother resigned. With the attempt cooperation of the victim and his relativities, he was cured after only four months. It is more infrequent in therapy domain of Vitiligo that the serious patient had been fully recovered in such a short time who was suffered for a long progress with large and scattered affected part and had terrible allergic symptom in skin. Moreover, after follow-up until now, it has not recurred. Until recently, the Vitiligo has not recurred.
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What is the cause of Vitiligo and how to diagnose it?

What hazard does Vitiligo has?

What should be paid attention to for Vitiligo sufferers in daily life?

Why should certain food be avoided for Vitiligo sufferers? What are those avoided food and which kind of food will be helpful to the disease?

Is it real that Vitiligo could be cured? I have suffered from serious Vitiligo for a long time, whether I could be cured?

Will Vitiligo be infectious or inherited to descendants?

How to prevent Vitiligo?

Could Vitiligo sufferers be capable to have food containing abundant Vitamin C?

Is it able to be treated at home with the mailed medicine? How to remit for the medicine and the medicine will be mailed definitely after remittance?

Could children take your medicine?

Is it necessary to be hospitalized if I hope to be treated in your institution? Could you please to provide translator? How much is the total expense?

Has your medicine been verified by the medicine supervised department of our nation?

Is it necessary to take light therapy in use of your medicine? Dose the oral medicine have side-effect?  Will the exterior drug do any harm to normal skin?



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